YOUR MIND. …Your biggest gift

How can you explain an heavy metal flying through the air–airplane
How do we explain an automobile able to reduce journey within hours–cars

all these inventions came by the imaginative ability of man–the mind

How have you been able to use your lately? Do you know that your mind contains the latest innovation that would shock the world?

Learn to use your mind right. Study the right materials, develop yourself and make thus world a better place for all.



The Importance of Loyalty

Do you know why many people especially our young people lose out on opportunities in life? Because of this virtue…LOYALTY

To be loyal means to be dependable. To be accountable. To be trusted.

If you are given a task to accomplish, can you be trusted to see it through and get it done? Or would you come up with excuses.

If you truly want to be a success in life and impact your world, then you must become dependable. Refuse to cut corners. Avoid short cuts.

Be a man or woman of excellence. Be inspiring. Soon enough, the world would come looking for you.


The Fertility Of Your Mind

Several years ago, I was opportune to attend a lecture where a professor of environmental management used the above word.

But really what does it mean?

The Fertility of your mind seeks to suggest the richness of your thought process. how informed are you?

do you have an idea if what’s going on around you? By this I do not mean understanding the political situation of your country. no! though that’s important but it could distract you.

How well do you know your field of enterprise?
Are you informed of the most recent developments and innovation that has characterized your chosen field?

Take up time to add to your knowledge. Get informed. be vast. And you would be glad you did.



Many young people are often ‘scared’ about the ‘uncertain’ future. The are skeptical about what really the future holds for them.

That is totally unnecessary.
When you plant a mango seed, do you expect to see an orange tree?
When you plant a creeping crop, don’t expect to see a giant iroko.
That’s the fact of life!

This should make you glad knowing that if you plant the right seed today, you will most definitely see a bright future…it’s the principle.

So go ahead and sow, and be sure of your tomorrow.


Do you that there are no two same finger print, eye socket or nail size in the world?

This just describes your uniqueness.
What are you going to do with that? I got one to share with you.

I have often thought of the fact that if people like abraham granbell, aristotle, faraday, edison, bill gates, steve jobs or even Mark Zukerburg hadn’t come on the scene, how would the world look like? Imagine!

Its laid upon you out of necessity to improve your world with your uniqueness. What can the world benefit from your coming?
Its time to think and get busy.

There is something in you the world needs…root it out and IMPACT YOUR WORLD.


One day, while taking a walk down the barkery, John observed something. How yeast and flour with other items where mixed and heated to make a delicious loaf.

Then it struck him. If we mix our expectations with faith, it must go through challenges to become what we want….OUR DREAMS.

Just like that barker looks forward to having a delicious loaf, you can look forward to your future with ‘gusto’ and joy knowing you will win!

It doesnt matter what you are facing now, its for your good.

Your challenge will become bread.